We are extremely proud of Year 10 pupil Harmoni, who has been appointed as the Breakfast Ambassador for Magic Breakfast.

She will be joining the team as a Youth Campaigner / Breakfast Ambassador, which is a brilliant opportunity to learn new skills and is something to be very proud of.

Here’s what Harmoni said about the opportunity:

magic breakfast

“I am very exited to be part of the Magic Breakfast team and to be one of their Youth Ambassadors. I feel like this is going to open many opportunities for me as well as helping other people. The administration process was very straight forward – I had to fill in a form about myself and why I wanted to be an ambassador. I then went on to do an interview on Zoom, where they asked me a series of questions. It was a very calm and welcoming atmosphere and they allowed me to take my time to answer questions.

I feel proud knowing that they chose me as one of the select few out of a diverse group of people, who also had much to offer. I’m especially grateful to Mr Westerman, for telling me about this opportunity and for supporting me through the process so far; it helped ease my nerves knowing I had support.

I will dedicate 6-8 hours a month to Magic Breakfast, and I will learn more about my role after my induction in the coming weeks.”

We are delighted for Harmoni and look forward to seeing what projects she becomes involved with as part of this role.