We know that the last year has been a challenging time, but it’s also brought us together as a community. We really wanted to reflect on the positives, and think about what we’re looking forward to now that we’re together again as a school community.

So that we could take the time to reflect on this as a whole school, we asked a variety of pupils and staff members to answer the following questions. Their responses were then collated into a video that each year group watched on Thursday 1st April, the last day of our Spring 2 term.

  • What achievements are you most proud of from lockdown?

  • Have any of your values and beliefs shifted during lockdown?

  • What relationships did you really value during lockdown?

  • What opportunities are you going to build upon now we are back in school?

We are delighted to share this video below. We found the variety of answers really inspiring, and it was lovely to hear just how much those involved appreciated their family, friends and school community over the last year.