As you will be aware, the government have announced how qualifications for the current Year 11 cohort will be awarded this year. We welcome the announcement and hope it brings some clarity to you and your children.

The grades awarded to this cohort of pupils will be decided by the school, with a deadline of the 18th June for us to submit the grades to exam boards. In order to award grades fairly and accurately, we will ensure we undertake a robust and careful process. Our overwhelming priority in this process is that we are able to reward each child fairly. As such, please note the following:

  • All significant work undertaken by the pupils will be considered. This will include work undertaken during lockdown.
  • We will provide a range of opportunities for pupils to improve their grades after their return to school.
  • There will be further formal assessments undertaken between the 26th April and the 21st May.
  • Work not completed, for example missed exams in Autumn or work not completed during lockdown, will not negatively impact the grade we submit.
  • Target grades are not relevant to the grades we will enter – they are an estimate based on prior performance and not a reflection of a pupil’s progress in a subject.
  • We will undertake a range of analysis and scrutiny to ensure that the grades awarded are accurate and best represent each pupil’s work in that subject. This will include internal moderation and standardisation of work.
  • Work will be retained by the school to ensure we can demonstrate the evidence on which we based the grades awarded.
  • Aside from academic scrutiny, we will ensure that our administrative procedures are clear and timely in order to reduce the risk of administrative error impacting on results.

We understand that this is a significant piece of work and that it will impact your child’s future. The processes we will use are well-established and used internally to moderate exam results and make our own projections.

We are confident that we have the expertise and systems to make this an accurate process that helps your child access the next stage of their education.

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