Our staff are committed to supporting pupils and helping them exhibit Character for Learning skills.

Character development

We believe discipline is about is character development. This means we focus on the ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘hands’. We use every opportunity to help children explain what good character is (head), feel what good character is (heart), and know how to put good character into practice (hands).

We also celebrate the positive achievements of our pupils, whether this is making progress in a lesson they are currently struggling with, or achieving 100% attendance for the whole school year.

Some of the ways we celebrate success include:

  • phone calls and emails home to parents/carers

  • handwritten postcards

  • purple slips

  • end of term merit assemblies

  • ePraise (secondary phase) Dojo (primary phase)

coach crew characteristic
director crew characteristic
guide crew characteristic
inspiration crew characteristic
leader crew characteristic
manager crew characteristic
role model crew characteristic
teacher crew characteristic

Crew Characteristics

Our ‘crew characteristics’ badge nomination system allows pupils and staff to recognise and nominate members of the school community, who they believe are taking on and developing a leading role in the ‘crew’.

When five of the same nominations are received, an enamel badge is then given to acknowledge this achievement.

The badges include coach, director, guide, inspiration, leader, manager, role-model and teacher.


Across school, we hand out stickers to pupils who have shown a positive attitude to learning, and who continue to show Character for Learning traits.

Pupils wear these stickers with pride, and often display them on their jumpers or pencil cases.

The stickers include aspiration, confidence, determination, effort, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, kindness, motivation, progress, resilience and self-reflection.

aspiration sticket
determination sticker
effort sticker
empathy sticker
enthusiasm sticker
inspiration crew characteristic
kindness sticker
motivation sticker
progress sticker
resilience sticker
self reflection sticker

Passengers into Crew

We offer a ‘Passengers into Crew’ programme, which acknowledges when pupils are displaying qualities of a ‘leader’. This includes, but isn’t restricted to, running their own Flexible Learning club, showing outstanding commitment to fundraising for our charity weeks or offering a leadership role in school.

As recognition, pupils are awarded with a blue CMCS ‘crew’ badge that they can attach to their uniform.