We made the latest addition to the Carr Manor Family on Saturday 4th May when five pygmy goats moved into their barn in the Primary Phase grounds!

The goats were delivered with the help from our friends at CATCH and have been settling into their new home over the past couple of weeks.

The pupils in the Primary Phase have been very excited to meet them! They have learnt about how to look after them, how to care for them properly and how to stay safe when they are around them. After the pupils had met the goats, the next task was to name them all.

During Coaching, each group came up with their favourite names for the goats, and the best were chosen.

We can now introduce Stanley, Bingo, Coco, Dexter and Billy!

The goats require volunteers to help look after them, especially outside of school time. There are opportunities for our pupils, staff, and members of the community to get involved. Watch this space to see how you could help, all while enjoying the goats’ adorable company!