Our staff are committed to supporting pupils and helping them develop Character for Learning attributes.

At Carr Manor Community School, House points and badges are awarded via our Recognition app. They are awarded to pupils for the following reasons:

  • Attending Flexible Learning clubs
  • Volunteering inside and outside of school
  • Attending school events and trips
  • Representing CMCS or their House
  • Attendance competitions
  • Taking on crew roles within school
  • Purple Slip and House Point competitions

In the Primary Phase, pupils are awarded Class Dojos to acknowledge positive choices and routines within the classroom. Children in Reception – Year 2 can also be rewarded with a House Point slip to recognise significant progress or character development.

Read our Rewards and Recognition poster here or see below for further information.

Verbal Praise

Verbal praise is used to highlight where pupils have shown excellent Character for Learning in lessons, Coaching and wider school life.

Purple Slips (KS2 – KS4)

Purple slips are a unique and important tool to recognise pupils. They reflect the effort and character shown by pupils who go above and beyond in their approach to learning.

Nominations in the Coaching Chronicle

Nominations can be made for pupils in each edition of the Coaching Chronicle for subject or phase awards.

CarrManorTV shoutouts

CarrManorTV is shown fortnightly across the through-school. Anyone in the school community can film a ‘shoutout’ for pupils or staff members.

Crew Characteristics

Our crew characteristics badge nomination system allows pupils and staff to nominate members of the school community who they believe are developing a leading role in the ‘crew’.

When five of the same nominations are received, an enamel badge is then given to acknowledge this achievement. The badges include coach, director, guide, inspiration, leader, manager, role-model and teacher.


Postcards are sent home to pupils and families to recognise outstanding character and progress around school.

Contact with families

Making a positive phone call home or speaking face-to-face with a family member is a positive way to recognise a pupil’s achievements.

Character for Learning stickers

Stickers are awarded to pupils in lessons, Coaching and wider school life to reflect the attributes on the Character Framework.

The stickers include aspiration, confidence, determination, effort, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, kindness, motivation, progress, resilience and self-reflection.