Our House system ensures a community feel around school.

House System

The House system at Carr Manor Community School is an important part of who we are and an example of what makes us different.

Named after local sporting heroes, (Jason) Robinson, (Jane) Tomlinson, (Fred) Trueman and (Billy) Bremner, each House has a specific colour that pupils wear as a tie in the secondary phase and as their polo shirts in the primary phase. This means that wherever pupils are in school, at whatever age, they know and recognise that they are part of a team.



Each Coaching group includes pupils and a member of staff from the same House.

This ensures a community feel during Coaching and allows Coaching groups to take part in House challenges together.

Learn more about our Coaching system here.

House Competitions

The House system encourages healthy competition across school.

We reward pupils with House Points for a wide variety of reasons. These include representing our school at external events, success at our annual sports days or raising money for our House charities.

These House Points contribute to the end of year awards, where the annual House trophy is presented to the House with the most House Points.

north west foodbank
st gemma hospice
leeds children hospital
st georges crypt


Each House supports a local charity and time is spent throughout the academic year raising money for these charities. The four charities are: