Independent Learning

Independent Learning is our way of delivering high quality learning outside of the classroom.

Primary Phase

In Reception – Year 6, pupils will receive weekly maths and English challenges for them to complete at home. These tasks are based on the non-negotiables within each child’s year group which are considered the core objectives a child needs to achieve in order to make good progress with their learning the following year.

As well as weekly English and maths challenges, we will also send a half-termly home learning project which links to the Big Learning Question being covered in lessons. This is to be handed in during the last week of each half-term. We also expect children to read at home on a daily basis for 20 minutes. Reading is key to all other learning and spending time doing so at home makes a huge difference to a child’s development.

We very much welcome support from home in encouraging pupils to complete this work. Please click the relevant year groups icons below to find the Independent Learning worksheets.


When we are in school we love reading stories and sharing our reading time together – it’s a truly precious time in our school day. We want our pupils to be able to continue reading and listening to stories at home, so we created our very own Virtual Storytime Library. Click the link below to visit the page.

Secondary Phase

In years 7 – 11, Independent Learning tasks are set on Microsoft Teams, which pupils access via their Office 365 accounts. This gives pupils access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. By completing this Independent Learning, pupils are building on the skills they develop in lessons and consolidating their learning. After school Independent Learning Hubs are open every day from 3-4pm, for those who require additional support or access to technology.

In Key Stage 3, pupils will receive Independent Learning from a range of subjects. Pupils will also be encouraged to attend Flexible Learning clubs and activities.

In Key Stage 4, pupils are set Independent Learning tasks in all their subjects on a two-week timetable.

Completing each piece of work will take around 20-30 minutes at Key Stage 3 and 30-40 minutes at Key Stage 4. It will require pupils to work independently and will enhance, develop and deepen their understanding of the work that is being studied in class.