Nurturing strength from different perspectives.

The Autism resourced provision at Carr Manor Community School opened in September 2019, with capacity for 12 supported places. The name ‘Mosaic’ was chosen by our pupils, parents/carers and staff, and it supports our vision of nurturing from different perspectives, recognising that we are neuro diverse. The staff team in Mosaic have expertise in supporting children that have a diagnosis of Autism (or previously Asperger’s) and those that have complex communication difficulties.

We offer a unique blend of personalised support and intervention, as well as individual timetables for each pupil that incorporate fifty percent access to mainstream lessons. This unique offer ensures we can focus on the academic potential for each child in our care.

One of our key focuses is to support children with communication and interaction difficulties, alongside sensory needs to access Autism specific sessions. We facilitate engagement and inclusion within our children’s age-related mainstream classes and lessons. Children in Mosaic who have an accompanying anxiety need are supported by our use of low arousal techniques, and our commitment to creating and sustaining a low arousal approach.

We follow the four key aims of Carr Manor Community School, as we know our children well, we are partners in learning, we build character for learning and we encourage our pupils to enjoy and achieve.

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