We believe that effective communication around progress is crucial to our pupils development.

Progress Reports

At the end of each half-term, parents/carers will receive a paper copy of their child’s progress report. This report is also discussed during ‘Meet Your Coach Day’ appointments.

As pupils are assessed throughout the year, this report will set out the following information for each subject they study:

  • How much progress they have made

  • How much effort they are putting into their lessons and Flexible Learning opportunities

  • How resilient they are when facing challenges

  • The level of independence they show

Other data provided on the progress reports includes examination results, current and projected grades and attendance.

Good progress is rewarded at the end of each full term during our merit assemblies. Certificates are presented to pupils demonstrating outstanding Character for Learning attribute,s such as confidence; resilience; and motivation. Recognition is also given for 100% attendance.

You can see examples of the Progress Reports below.

KS3 progress report
ks4 progress report

Further Learning Reports

Pupils in years 7 – 11 also receive a Further Learning Report, which shows the progress they are making with their Further Learning tasks.

You can see examples of the KS3 and KS4 Further Learning reports below.

KS3 further learning report
ks4 further learning report

Age-related expectations (Year 7 and 8 assessment)

Twice each year, pupils in years 7 and 8 will receive an assessment report, following midterm and final examinations. These detailed reports highlight strengths and areas for improvement in each subject.

Further information on these reports can be found below.

age related expectations