“The school’s coaching programme is a major strength of the school.”

Ofsted 2018

The Coaching programme at Carr Manor Community School is fundamental to ‘knowing our children well’ and forming the strong relationships within our community.

Our Coaching groups are vertical and consist of approximately ten pupils and one member of staff, who are all in the same House. In the Primary Phase, groups include pupils from Reception – Year 5, and in the Secondary Phase, Years 6 – Year 11.

When pupils arrive on a Monday morning, their first period is spent with their Coaching group. This is called a ‘check-in’ session. This circle-based session allows all pupils to be fully informed of key events and opportunities happening in school, through the sharing of either the Coaching Chronicle or CarrManorTV. Pupils can also share updates from their weekends.

On Wednesday afternoons, two groups team up for ‘Coaching Plus’, to look at PSHCE topics such as careers, finance, health and wellbeing, citizenship and topical events. This is also an opportunity for a ‘check-up’ in the middle of the week.

On a Friday, Coaching groups will meet for their last period of the day. This is a time for pupils to discuss their achievements from the week and review current targets, ensuring they are best aligned to make the most of formal and enriched learning opportunities. The Friday Coaching session is also a chance for a community builder – pupils can have fun whilst developing relationships within the group.

“The system of weekly ‘checking in’, ‘checking up’ and ‘checking out’ ensures that staff are able to identify any concerns early and take actions swiftly.” – Ofsted 2018

“The impact of this programme on relationships between staff and pupils and the inclusive ethos of the school are impressive.”

Ofsted 2018

Coach contact

The ‘coach’ – the member of staff in each Coaching group – ensures every pupil has a ‘partner in learning’ to provide ongoing care and encouragement.

As well as being the main point of contact for a pupil, they are also there to support the parent/carer. Coaches develop strong relationships with pupils’ families, and meet with parents/carers three times a year at ‘Meet Your Coach’ days. These days (which are in addition to the traditional parents/carers evenings with teaching staff) have proved to be very popular with families, who recognise the benefit of knowing someone well in school who can advocate for their child.

A Coaching group sat together outside

House system

Our school really does feel like a community. Our Coaching and House programmes are key to ensuring all pupils feel like they belong and are an important part of our team.

We have four Houses; Bremner; Tomlinson; Trueman; Robinson. Every pupil and member of staff in school belongs to one of these Houses. Each Coaching group is made up of pupils and staff in the same House.

We often run challenges for each House, and pupils earn House Points throughout the year to try and crown their House as the winner at the end of year celebrations.

Read more about our House System here.