Our broad and diverse curriculum ensures every pupil can achieve.

At Carr Manor Community School, we work hard to ensure the subjects we teach match the interests of our pupils. Our broad, balanced curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers who are passionate about their subjects.

Our personalised approach to the curriculum is a unique way of ensuring the quality of our teaching is consistently high, and that pupils develop the skills needed to meet or exceed their personal targets.

On this page you can explore the curriculum for each year group, including a detailed overview of the different subjects we teach, where you can explore the course content in further detail.

The Learning Line

The Learning Line is used across our through school and underpins the pedagogy and classroom practices that we use.

Please watch the video to learn more about how we use The Learning Line and how it benefits our pupils.

Literacy at Carr Manor Community School

Strong literacy skills are fundamental to wider success, future goals and greater confidence for our pupils.

Please watch the video to learn more about how we help our pupils develop their communication skills throughout their time with us.

View the curriculum for each year group